Native Habitat Restoration for Diversification

Boeuf Creek Nature LLC

BoeufColor-WebSizeBCN Mission Statement: Our mission is to help landowners to improve their quality of life by creating a place where they can experience the beauty and oneness of nature. We will do this by bringing back the native habitats, biodiversity and the abundance of wildlife that once existed on their land.
BCN Vision Statement: To create a future in which our children and grandchildren will have the same opportunity to experience nature as we have had.
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A special thanks to the amazing Ginny Blankenship for creating the Boeuf Creek Nature logo!

About our Logo: Our logo represents many of the benefits that we have experienced on our farm due to our habitat restoration work. The background of the logo is the Boeuf Creek bottoms on our farm when it is in full bloom (Check out the picture on our home page). The coreopsis, blazing star and purple coneflowers are just a few of the flowers that we now have in abundance that did not exist when we started. The Bob White Quail was almost non-existent twelve years ago but now their beautiful whistle can be heard all over the farm in Spring and Summer. The Bobcat returned with the abundance of rabbits due to our many brush piles. They always make your heart race when you see one. The Red-Headed Woodpecker (one of my favorite birds) is our hope for the future. We used to have an abundance of this species on the farm but now they are a rare sight indeed. We hope that through continued improvement of our timber stands that we will make our farm habitable for them once again. And why do we do it?…For The Love of Nature…