Native Habitat Restoration for Diversification

Boeuf Creek Nature Woodworking

Picture:  Adirondack chairs made from 3/4" material.  Price = $150 each
Picture: Adirondack chairs made from 3/4″ material. Price = $150 each

Click here to see a photo album of ERC Furniture all handmade here at Boeuf Creek Nature.

Our habitat restoration work often involves the removal of invasion Eastern Red Cedar. ERC makes great brush piles for wildlife but you only need so many brush piles and the log doesn’t really benefit the brush pile much. I hated wasting all of those nice ERC logs so I began looking for ways to utilize it. ERC is a beautiful wood full of knots and character, with a wonderful pink color. The heartwood is highly rot resistant and the grain doesn’t raise when it gets wet so it makes ideal outdoor furniture that doesn’t have to be treated with a finish to preserve it which greatly reduces maintenance.

Thanks to my friend Joe Coyle who has allowed me to use his sawmill here at the farm I am now able to produce my own cedar lumber from the trees removed during our restoration projects and turn them into beautiful furniture. You can find pictures of some of the pieces I have produced and there are more to come. If you have a particular purpose or piece of furniture you need I can produce it for you. Just let me know what you need.
I am also doing some custom sawing and will sell cedar lumber that has been planed on both faces and has one straight edge. I currently have three thickness available: 1 ¾”, 1”, and ¾”.

I can also produce tongue and groove ERC for wainscotting. If you visit the Hermann Wurst Haus you will see examples of wainscotting on the walls and the bathroom stalls are also t&g ERC. See photo album above. I have also added some pictures from by basement which I finished and furnished entirely with ERC.

Call to place your order: Cell Phone#: (314)808-2471 or Home Phone#: (573)764-4851

Picture:  Eastern Red Cedar Bench made from 1 3/4" thick material.  Price = $120.  Laser engraving is extra.
Picture: Eastern Red Cedar Bench made from 1 3/4″ thick material. Price = $120. Laser engraving is extra.

Bill, Jody, Willow and Granite Miles with their new piano bench. Jody says the boys want to practice even more now that they have such a beautiful bench. (Results not Guaranteed!!!)