Native Habitat Restoration for Diversification

Native Americans

The area in which the farm is located was once the home of the Osage Indian tribe. The Osage Indians lived in the land between the Arkansas River and the Missouri River. Today we still find remnants of their existence. One of Betty’s favorite pastimes in the Spring, besides hunting mushroom’s, is to walk over any freshly plowed ground and look for arrowheads and other stone tools. I always keep an eye out for them anytime I am out on the farm as well. The picture to the right shows some of the better artifacts we have found. We always find more chips and broken pieces than we do good ones.

The Osage Indians left this area around 1808. It’s hard to imagine that they lived here only 200 years ago. Things sure have changed fast. I always wonder what it would be like to go back in time and see what this land looked like then.