Native Habitat Restoration for Diversification


The Louis Kappelmann Farm on Boeuf Creek in Franklin & Gasconade Co. Missouri


About Our Farm

The Louis Kappelmann Farm is owned by Arvil Kappelmann. It is approximately 315 acres and is located in Franklin and Gasconade Counties in East Central Missouri. It is south of the Missouri River and just on the edge of the Ozark Mountains. The beautiful Boeuf Creek with its gravel bars and clear water runs through the farm on it’s way to the Missouri River. The original farm was purchased by Arvil’s grandfather, Louis, in 1906. To learn more about our family and the farm’s history check out the History of the Farm page.
Our main purpose for the farm is the enjoyment of nature. To that end we do many types of native habitat restoration to increase the plant and animal diversity. One of our focuses is the native Bobwhite Quail whose populations have been declining across the country.

Boeuf Creek Nature LLC




After 40 years of doing native habitat restoration on our farm I am ready to put my experience and passion to work for you. My goal on our farm has always been to restore native habitats and diversification of plant and animal life to create the most beautiful farm in Missouri, and I want to bring that dream to you and your farm. I would like to introduce Boeuf Creek Nature LLC, your native habitat restoration company.
As you may know habitat restoration in a lot of areas means the removal of Eastern Red Cedar (E.R.C.) (Juniperus Virginiana). ERC makes great brush piles for bunnies and other critters but in an effort to more fully utilize this resource I will also be using ERC logs to produce quality outdoor furniture, cedar chests and anything else I can imagine (and sell!)
I can only hope you are as excited about all of this as I am!
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The picture above is taken from the family farm house which overlooks the Boeuf Creek bottoms. The areas which are yellow are wildflowers blooming in our CP33 strips bordering the crop fields. We call the island of trees in the center “the knoll”. It is a large rock outcrop in the middle of the bottoms. The main yellow flower in bloom is Lanceleaf Coreopsis.

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Purpose of
The purpose of this website is to share our knowledge of habitat restoration and also our experiences with the wildlife and wildflowers we encounter on our farm. We will also provide links to resources and local news and events happening in our area.

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